SCVMM 2012 Bare-Metal Failing on HP G7 Blade (IPMI Failure)

Found an issue with a blade yesterday where SCVMM 2012 was failing to power on the blade. The communication was occurring over IPMI. This was the first G7 that I had been testing bare-metal deployments on (having previously worked with Gen 8 Blades).

The iLO event logs would reveal the following entries:

IPMI/RMCP login by scvmm – x.x.x.x(DNS name not found)

IPMI/RMCP logout by scvmm – x.x.x.x(DNS name not found)


Whats more, after this occurred the ilo remote console would become unresponsive, requireing the blade to be reseated, or a reset of iLO.


Interestingly there was an option on the iLO Dedicated Network Port  that specified that iLO client applications (does this include IPMI?) should use IPv6 first



The fix for me was to disable IPv6 on the iLO dedicated network port, then SCVMM could communicate with the blade via IPMI.