Live Migrations Fail between SCVMM 2012 SP1 hosts

While performing some cleanups for a client I noticed a problem where certain live migrations were failing.

I knew I had been performing updates on various hosts to bring them in alignment. Upon closer inspection I could see that the Virtualization Software Version was changing on hosts that had been updated:

Virtualization Software Version Mismatch Clean zoom


In the above snip you can see the host in Maintenance mode has a different version of the virtualization software. The version field is talking about the Hyper-V version, rather than the VMM agent version.

As usual, when something fails in SCVMM often the next step is to try it in failover cluster manager, results below:


Unfortunately because I had been updating the hosts while they had running VMs on them (and then placing them into maintenance mode once they were ready to reboot) I was left with one host that would not allow live migrations.

The solution?

I had to use Quick Migration to move the VM’s, while this is not technically live, it was quick enough to get the job done.

Lessons learned? Place servers into maintenance mode before you start patching! and keep all your hosts at the same level.


Also it is worth pointing out that there have been some particularly damaging patches released by MS recently, rather than explain it myself I will point you to Aidan Finn’s blog where he talks about the problematic patches.

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