Disk 2 VHD – P2V Tool for Hyper-V

Disk 2 Vhd 2.0 is now out! it supports direct conversion to vhdx. head over to the below link for more information:

SCVMM 2012 SP1 – Bare Metal Build Error 803d0008 A quota was exceeded

During a VMM bare-metal build error 803d0008 was showing up on the host console. The error occurred when the Host was attempting to send the discovered data back to the VMM server.


The logs showed the following:



Right at the bottom the error that stood out was “The numbers of bytes written exceeded the specified quota of 65536 bytes)

It looked as if there was perhaps to much information discovered and VMM was not able to deal with additional data over the 65536 byte limit.

This was a rebuild of an existing host, I had recently performed bare-metal builds successfully the day before.

The host happened to have a large number of LUNs presented to it from the SAN (23 to be exact).

The solution for me was to un-present the LUNs.


Windows 2012 R2 Core – Unable to switch to Minimal or Full

This is a problem I came across recently:
A fresh install of Core 2012 R2 (no patches whatsoever) will not switch to full, using either Dism (with a mounted wim file) or with install-windowsfeature
It is just impossible.

I tried using another windows server, I tried everything.
The only thing that saved me (this was a VMM management server, and I was unable to integrate SCOM with it without the SCOM console being installed, which does not run on Core). Microsoft update to the rescue.

This write up from another invidiual is what saved me: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/4aa21936-e6b1-4467-9b96-723391ea8432/unable-to-add-gui-shell-to-core-install-with-server-2012-r2-vl-media?forum=winserver8setup

VMM 2012 SP1 – Error 26874 when applying logical switch to host (or during bare metal build)

Error (26874)
This operation is not permitted since uplink port profile set (Uplink_Port_Profile) in physical adapter on host would go out of scope for host

Recommended Action
Delete the logical switch instance on the affected host(s) and retry the operation


This error will occur when you are trying to assign a logical switch to a host that is in the wrong host group.

The host group must be associated with the logical switch you are trying to apply to the host.