Review for Packt ‘Building and Managing a Virtual Environment with Hyper-V Server 2012 R2’ by Eric Siron

I recently worked my way through the video series ‘Building and Managing a Virtual Environment with Hyper-V Server 2012 R2’.

The Videos consist of short modules covering the relevant Hyper-V and Cluster topics. Each example operation is demoed using both GUI and powershell. The total time of the material is just under 3.5 hours, this results in a sufficient amount of time to get a reasonably good overview of each feature required to think about the design, and maintenance of a Hyper-V Failover cluster.

I generally much prefer books and articles than videos when I am checking up on things, videos are much better suited for people wanting an overview or introduction into subjects.

The video is made by author Eric Siron. Eric has contributed a great deal to the Hyper-V community and is known for his various publications including papers on the Altaro Hyper-V hub site  and his book ‘Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster Design‘.


Eric’s new video ‘Building and Managing a Virtual Environment with Hyper-V Server 2012 R2’ is available from Packt Publishing.



VMM 2012 R2 Error 12711 (VMM cannot complete WMI operation on the server) Removing an Orphaned Clustered Resource (Failover Cluster 2012 R2)

Sometimes admins attempt to repair VMs, not knowing about the relationship between VMM/Failover-Clustering/Hyper-v they fix up a VM to a working state, leaving empty orphaned cluster resources behind, and also causing VMM to report error 12711.

To fix these resources we need to get into powershell and connect to the cluster.

Start with a “Get-ClusterResource” and see if you can see it, try remove it using the “Remove-ClusterResouce” command first, if this fails (as it sometimes does if its an empty VM resource) then we can try removing its group with contents

do a “Get-ClusterGroup” and identify the name, now try “Get-ClusterGroup nameofGroup | Remove-ClusterGroup”

still not working? -group is not empty error? thats fine try “Get-ClusterGroup nameofGroup | Remove-ClusterGroup -RemoveResouces”