Windows Core – Check MPIO Path State by command line

First post in a while, since my last post I have driven across the USA, and settled in Europe.

A great way to check the MPIO path states on Windows Server Core is to use the mpclaim command. I never realized that this command would pull such great information back.

So if we want to check the MPIO path state via the GUI we would open computer manager, right click the disk -> properties, and the select the MPIO tab.

MPIO in local Disk Manager

This information will show how the state of the paths between the LUN and the SAN.

The same information can be queried via mpclaim

first start with

mpclaim -s -d

this will return a list of MPIO supported disks

then mpclaim -s -d #

this will return the pathing policy and state of the disk #

Thanks to Eric Siron for helping me with this one.