IPMI | VMM bare metal builds

A couple of tips when investigating VMM bare-metal IPMI issues
The VMM jobs will report the following if the connection failed:

Error 21212: Connecting to the BMC with address x.x.x.x failed.

This error indicates a problem with network connectivity, likely a firewall or routing issue (most IPMI communications go over port 623 UDP)

Error 21220: An out of band operation (IPMI) for the BMC x.x.x.x failed IPMI completion code 0x9 – Invalid Role.

This error indicates a problem with authentication. Check the VMM Run-As account, the username must have exactly the same case as the IPMI username. Also check the permissions required are sufficient (Full Admin Permissions are usually required)

SCVMM 2012 & r2

I noticed a client was getting these errors when live migrating VMs between cluster nodes:
Error 23801 “No available connection to the selected VM Network can be found”
Error 23811 “Ports are not available for VM Subnet”
These errors would occur despite there being a VM Network available on both nodes. The Live migration would work, but these errors were frustrating.

This can occur when there are additional NICs on the host that have the “Available for Placement” box selected, even if those NICs are disabled. The solution is to untick this box for each host.